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10 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Mike

    Are you still renovating? Looks like no progress photos for about a year? What happened?

    • haimerlad

      We are still in progress, though most of the first phase is finished. We still need to paint and finish some interior items. This fall we need to tuckpoint and add gutters. Sometime in the future we need to rebuild the garage and the back porch. I posted updated photos yesterday. Thanks for reading!

  2. Robert Gochicoa

    Where’s your house? I bought mine for $35,000, too. I’m located at REDACTED Bought mine in the 2012 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction.

    • haimerlad

      Hey, Bob. Thanks for reading. I’m over here in the West Village off of Van Dyke. I don’t put the actual address online just because we’ve had a house full of tools! I also redacted yours for safety and security. How is your reconstruction going?

  3. Peter Watt

    Great work.

    Your story is both uplifting and exciting. I prey that more folks like yourselves find the same value in Detroit that you have and “set up shop” in the motor city!

    Don’t stop the music!

    Peter Watt
    Cavalier Pictures

  4. Carin Keys

    Amy, I love your article about Garden Fresh . . . except, Ferndale and Detroit are in different counties. Detroit in Wayne . . . nothing at all to do with Detroit. Ferndale is in Oakland County . . . nothing at all to do with Wayne County.
    ferndale residents are sincerely particular that the world knows where FERNDALE is located. Good article!

    • haimerlad

      Thank you, Carin. I appreciate the note. I realized the mistake already and have alerted the editors to fix it.

  5. Ken Weir

    I really liked your book “Detroit Hustle” I read the Village Voice article first. I have been a home improvement contractor in New York City for almost 18 years (Mostly the upper West side, the upper east side, and Harlem). As someone who loves Detroit (I grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham). I think your take on gentrification and new comers and those who have been there and struggled is right on point. I also like the way you respect contractors and the work that they do. As someone who has worked in Harlem for the last few years, i have seen tremendous change here. It has seen a lot of new construction and gentrification. Many are being forced out or being bought out, some are also being protected, but the schools are better from what my friends tell me. I think Harlem could be a model for what Detroit can be.

  6. Linda Bedtelyon

    “Detroit Hustle” is a great read! Kudos to you and yours for investing in a dark horse and betting on a winner. I like your writing style. When are you going to work on another book? How about a work of fiction with Matilda as the protagonist? You go girl! You make me a proud Michigander who lives in Old Town Saginaw City. Despite the warnings of high crime rate, unemployment and ne’er do wells lurking about disguised as homeless, I love this area of Saginaw and relish its historic architecture. The city fathers are investing and new businesses are opening. Sound familiar? Thanks for your book.

  7. Frank Dillon

    Just finished your book and found it very enlightening. I was born in Detroit in 1932 and lived there until 1970 when I moved to just outside of Chelsea, Mi. I built my house here in Waterloo which is just into the city of Jackson, Mi. Took me all of 9 months.


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