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Hustling Home

Today is a big day. Karl and I were featured in the Detroit News for the renovation of Matilda. It’s pretty exciting to see all those photographs and think about where we’ve come from. (Thanks for the lovely story, Maureen Feighan. I love that #JackCat and #MaddieDog are so prominent!)

Just three years ago this spring, we were staring at the shell of a house. Now we actually live inside of it.

So many people have been instrumental in us getting to this phase. But none more so than Calvin and Christian Garfield of Maxwell Construction. They have been our rock, our vision and, at times, our sanity. Despite living in a construction zone for 18 months, we came through the project more like family than business associates.

Seriously, who do you know who says that about their contractors? We heart them so damn much.

If you need a contractor and believe in quality work at a fair price, then these are your guys. Even better, the father-son team lives right here in Detroit. They are very special people.

You’ll get to read more about them — and this entire project — in my forthcoming memoir, “Detroit Hustle.” Wait, what? You didn’t know I had a book coming out? Yeah, that’s because I haven’t really talked about it here.

But I do. In May. It’s called “Detroit Hustle: A Memoir.” I hope you’ll like it.

You can follow the events and news on the Facebook page.

5 Responses to “Hustling Home”

  1. Sunny Lanning

    I just found your site, but I can’t wait to find the beginning and read all about your journey! The things people do for love–and houses!


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