Journalist, Author & Detroit-Home Renovator

Photo by Craig LaCourt

Photo by Craig LaCourt

Greetings and salutations,

Three years ago my husband, Karl, and I moved ourselves, our life and 16 paws worth of critter to Detroit. We bought a historic house for $35,000 and have spent the intervening time fixing it up. (Well, our wonderful contractors had that pleasure.)

Now, that story is coming to a bookstore near you. In May 2016, Running Press is publishing my memoir, “Detroit Hustle: A Memoir of Love, Life and Home,” about rebuilding a house and finding a home in this most magical and complicated of cities.

My bread and butter is covering small business in the country’s greatest city for innovation, entrepreneurship and community building. I come prepared with my own pair of Carhartt bibs, every grease stain earned in service to my father’s small excavating company.

I also know a fair amount about urban renewal and rural poverty.

I am currently an adjunct professor of journalism at Michigan State University, but I once bled blue as a Knight-Wallace Fellow, class of ’13, at the University of Michigan. I am an alum of Crain’s Detroit Business, CNNMoney, Fortune Small Business, Westword and USAA, where I helped military families make smarter choices about their money. I also have a background in enterprise and investigative reporting.

One of my proudest accomplishments?  Helping start the Jackson Free Press in Mississippi.

My career has taken many turns, but my guiding principle is this: Go where you can make a difference, whether it is guiding military families in preparing their finances for deployment or uncovering corruption in city government. In doing so, my teams have won the IRE, Loeb, John Bartlow Martin, Livingston and many more awards.

I decomplicate tough topics. I write. I edit. I do teevee and radio. I CMS like a madwoman. I especially SEO.

Also: I love cowboy boots, camouflage and pitbulls.

Contact me at or @haimerlad on Twitter & Instagram.

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  1. Peter Korth

    I spent many happy times in this house, going back to the 1960’s…if you want to hear any stories of the former inhabitants, just let me know!


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