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Video Tour of Detroit House: 2nd Floor, Bedroom & Bathroom

Getting Maddie snow-ready. Much to her dismay.

Last night Karl and I were supposed to head to Target to get supplies for Stacy’s visit. Things like an aerobed so she has some place to sleep.

But, with all the snow, we decided we were better served heading over to Craftwork and having dinner and drinks. (Sorry, Stacy. We’ll figure it out.)

We walked there through the snow and it was beautiful. (Karl calls the white stuff “romance from the sky.”)

Did you read that? We WALKED there! Yes, that means there is a restaurant open in the neighborhood that we can walk to… and it opened the same weekend we moved in. Coincidence? I think not. (Kidding.)

Once we got home, we took a few more videos inside Matilda. So, here you are, vol. 3, 4 and 5.

The second floor:

Our bedroom, aka the one room we are living in:

The masterbathroom, with running water!

3 Responses to “Video Tour of Detroit House: 2nd Floor, Bedroom & Bathroom”

  1. toddstauffer

    I know I’m going to sound like a jerk when I say this (how could it be any other way)… but you know if you turn your phone *sideways* then the video will look all wide and stuff like it is on teevee! 🙂 #videographytipoftheday


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