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Happy New Year: Video Tour Inside Detroit House


Happy new year!

Well, belatedly. We had tech issues at the house all day yesterday because the wifi is very unstable. (I know, I know… first world problems.) I shot a few videos and have been trying to get them posted to YouTube. I finally got two up, so here you are… a peek inside the Detroit house.

For those of you who like the words, here’s what’s happening:

We spent our new year cleaning and unpacking. The house is still an absolute construction zone covered in dust and paper, saws and tools. But we’ve carved out one room and set it up with a bed and dressers. It’s clean and neat and an oasis of calm inside the flurry of construction activity.

The bathroom is also partially functioning. We have a toilet and the shower (which is *amazing* if I do say so myself), but no sink or mirror, yet. So we just brush our teeth in the shower and then I do my hair/makeup in the bedroom. Not too bad, actually.

Karl tackled the kitchen, putting away the few dishes we have and attacking all the dust and mess. We now can make a pot of coffee and cook an egg or a light meal.

Of course, for every dust bunny Karl kills, the contractors just breed more. It’s all part of the renovation cycle of life. And it means that the end is in sight. It always has to get really messy right before it all comes together.

Right now most of the work is trim work, putting on the casement around the windows and doors. It’s really, really beautiful, but it’s fine detail work so it just takes time.

For those of you who have been asking: Yes, we have water. And power. And heat.

So we are warm and safe for the new year. The animals are even learning a new love for each other since they are trapped in our room together all day long. The two cats have even been touching and snuggling. Unheard of!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day because both Stacy Cowley turns up (yay!) and the XFinity comes to turn on the Interwebz and cable — just in time for the new season of Justified and to binge-watch the final season of Treme. (!!! !!!)

Happy new year to y’all. May all of us be brave enough in 2014 to take on the tasks and challenges that can change our lives.

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