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There Be Water!


Yes, you read that correctly. We have clean, clear H20 flowing at Matilda.

Of course, there are no pipes for said water to run through, but those are just pesky details.

It turns out the water company never cut service, so when our contractor got a new meter installed, water started flowing — straight in to the basement. I’ve never been so happy to see water marks.

In other news, today was the day to decide on things like header heights on the stairs. Yup, header heights. I went with taller is better since Karl is 6’3″. It appears that we have the chance to correctively frame a few problem areas so that Karl doesn’t hit his head. Seems like a winning plan.

Also, we need to choose between swinging doors and pocket doors in the first floor powder room and closet. Plans call for pocket, but the contractor is recommending swinging. I’m still voting for pocket, though.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Any avid pocket or swinging door readers out there.

In the meantime, here are this week’s status update photos. Enjoy!

This first image is shooting through the floorboards, from the kitchen up in to what was once the second floor bathroom. One of three.

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen. There used to be a wall interrupting the view.

View up the stairs from the living room. There used to be a wall there, too.

Stacy Cowley’s bedroom! And look, they found the brick chimney! (We’ll be keeping that exposed. I’m a champ a brick refinishing.)

You can see from one side of the house through to the other. This is standing in the front of the house, in the second floor guest room, looking into what will be the master bath/bed.

Looking down the stairs at the remains of the day (of construction).

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Heading back downstairs.

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A view from Stacy Cowley’s room into the Christina Morracho/Shannon Brown wing. 

Me, in the walls. 

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Selfie inside the walls of Matilda.

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10 Responses to “There Be Water!”

  1. Karl Kaebnick

    All these “named” rooms! you forgot the “Andrew Hogan” room ! and the Mike Croes room! and BGR room and tammy room! We’re gonna need a bigger house.

  2. Ron Hendrickson

    Not a fan of pocket doors, though I’d expect there to be some in a house of that vintage. They’re kind of a pain to adjust, maintain and clean. If they’re already there and in decent shape, I’d keep them, but I wouldn’t install new ones on purpose.

  3. Benjamin Peikes

    New pocket door hardware is pretty good. If it’s in a tight hallway I’d go with a pocket door in the bathroom and a regular door for the closet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pocket door on a closet. Note though that they typically aren’t as sound proof and well to be frank, smell proof.

    Congrats on the water. Do you have a working waste line?

    • haimerlad

      Not really. But we only have water to the house … there are no pipes taking it anywhere yet. 🙂 Step by step.

  4. Jen

    Pocket doors, oh yes, pocket doors. We love ours, even if they’re vintage, a pain to clean and hard to adjust. 🙂 Could the Garners get a closet named after us? We’ll pay ….. there’s a fundraising idea for you! Love you hope you’re great!


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