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We Finally Own Matilda!


We did it! We closed on the house yesterday. We are now the proud owners of Matilda! (Karl is posting on the blog in the next few days; I’ll let him explain the name, which I love.)

Our one-year wedding anniversary is in two weeks, so Karl joked that he bought me a house pile of bricks. But, as I reminded him, technically I bought the house with my life savings; he’s buying the renovations with his. (Hahaha…. that’s because he was a better saver.) That just makes us a great team!

The final bill: $34,359.99 + $1,500 escrow = $35,859.99

3 Responses to “We Finally Own Matilda!”

  1. nancymott

    Congratulations to you both!!! Karl, we’re waiting for the song…”The Pile of Old Bricks Named Matilda” …. surely will have many verses. Banged on a piano.

  2. Suzanne Kaebnick

    Congratulations! I know this is one of many exciting days to come in your house!


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